NebulaOne (Hypochlorous Nebulizer)

NebulaOne (Hypochlorous Nebulizer)

NebulaOne™ High Capacity/Output Ultra-Dry Mist Nebulizer brings disinfecting to a new level. Engineered and Purpose-Built in the USA with a rigid aluminum frame and impact-resistant ABS panels, this Commercial Grade unit will easily disinfect One Million Cubic Feet in less than an hour. Event Centers, Arenas, Churches, School Campuses, Medical facilities, and other high-traffic locations can experience surface disinfection with the NebulaOne process.

The NebulaOne™ technology of aerosolizing EPA approved Hypochlorous (HOCL) from a liquid into a microscopic or “dry” mist of only two to three microns suspends the hypochlorous in the air for hours, killing and neutralizing harmful pathogens on all surfaces.

$29,995.00 per unit

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